Stream A: Civil Service – Ministries, Departments & Agencies
Our civil service is in dire need of reinvention. The recruitment mindset and model to the civil service of 40 years ago or even 60 years ago depending on when independence was accomplished is having a devastating impact on us. Some parts of the country and the African continent understand the importance of the civil service and ensure that it is integrated into social and political awareness. We need the best and brightest to integrate with the experienced. We need a new generation that understand its importance and is willing to be a part of the reinvention.

Stream B: Military & Law Enforcement Agents
The Military and law enforcement agencies as a patriotic and power centre, cannot be overemphasized. We must encourage a new generation of patriots to participate in the highest honour of the land. We must also care for the families of our military, the living and more importantly, our fallen heroes. We need to engage our most patriotic citizens for this stream.

Stream C: Elected Officials
All elected officials are public servants. We must prepare a critical mass of our best and brightest to participate in elective office, not participation by chance and mere sloganeering, but by deliberate and intentional immediate, short-term, medium-term, and most importantly, long-term plans.

Stream D: Political Appointments
These include ministers, technocrats, and other roles obtained by those who participated as politicians, or through political patronage, competence or loyalty. Whatever the matrix that qualifies persons for these appointments, the most important thing is to attract the best and brightest of those who qualify under the matrix.