Stream A: Political Ideology
Most African countries have no identifiable political ideology. They operate ethnic, religious, or tribal affiliations as platforms for wearing electoral uniforms rather than core ideologies or values that bind and propel everyone in a particular direction. We need think tanks that ensure we have varied and patriotic ideologies.

Stream B: Political Parties
Political parties that are built from the ground up – homes, schools, community development, polling booths, wards, local governments, states, and the nation. A bottom-up, top-bottom, and middle-out approach to building formidable political parties. From recruiting to funding party officials, to preparing candidates for elections and campaigns, a lot is at stake.

Stream C: Elections
Politicians prepare for the next election, while statesmen prepare for the next generation, however, statesmen also understand that preparing for elections and succession is what guarantees the next generation. From vetting the process of appointing electoral officials to participating in the entire value chain of electioneering, patriots know that they cannot leave anything to chance.

Stream D: Political Funding
For the government to truly be of the people, by the people, and for the people, the people must participate in funding the system. We have mastered this as a continent in the faith community; we need to extend the same generosity to a sector that often determines and impacts in a more significant way, what happens to all other parts of our lives. No doubt there will be those who will contribute more, but every citizen must participate in funding the political process. The right also possesses a responsibility.