A. Advocacy
Public enlightenment must continue. However, it must be specific, sector-based and industry guided until we have an advocacy group for all the Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government (MDA), as well as for multinationals and other private sector organizations across the varied economic landscape.

B. Direct Intervention
Beyond advocacy, there must be direct intervention. Adopt a family, adopt a school, adopt a ward, adopt a health centre, adopt a park or a sport ground, among other initiatives. Individuals, families, religious organizations must work in a concerted way to achieve desired objectives, rather than scattered individual initiatives.

C. Philanthropy
It is certain that some will be part of the 10% that will have more than 90% whether by God’s grace, DNA, a dint of hard work, background, ingenuity, a stroke of fortune or coincidence. We need to have an Africa Giving Pledge by organizing a Samaritan Purse/Fund that will be run in a not for profit–for profit sustainable way. Every child should also be taught to participate in philanthropy, no matter how small. Even those who perceive themselves to be poor or that we perceive to be poor have something to offer. They can exchange their energy or talent or intellect for money.

D. Judicial Activism
There is no policy that cannot been enhanced or changed by judicial activism. It may take time, but it requires the triple efforts of conscientious and consummate nation builders, brilliant and uncompromising lawyers, as well as a Judicial activism Fund. The first assignment is to undertake a 90-day focused research on major levers of regulation and set a 4-year goal of achieving all that is required through judicial activism. These set of lawyers will majorly focus on this for us to achieve our goals.