A people that accept responsibility for the greatness of their continent, who in their own little corners, Home, School, workplace are doing their bit to turn the darkest continent to the brightest. A people proud of their heritage and their roots, whose talent, skills and abilities is harnessed to build a desirable future.


A political system designed to be people centered, people driven and maximizes the potential of every citizen. One that attracts and demands the best, brightest, fittest, and most competent beyond ethnic, tribal, religious, gender and generational differences.


Policies that are a product of deep-seated research on our cultural innuendos, primordial dispositions, current realities, and expectations as well as available resources. While we must always think global, we must be in touch with who we are and hope to become.


We need to build an economy that doesn’t just lift 800M people out of poverty but create an economy that allows majority of our 25-year-olds become millionaires, we can raise 10 Million 25-year-olds to become millionaires, and 1M entrepreneurs that can employ 400 youths. The productivity gap between Africa and the rest of the world is a minimum of 100 years even if we are moving at jet speed. Through Inspiration, Illumination, and an avalanche of hard work, we can collapse time, harmonizing the strength of the Industrial age, the innovation of the information age and the iterative ingenuity of our best and brightest which will produce wealth and an economy that the world has never seen.


No longer will the perception of the world about us be our living reality. No longer will we be synonymous to the dregs of the darkest corners of the world. God created one race, the human race and everyone brings something to the table and Africa will bring something worthy that will bless the rest of the world.


Our desirable experience is a continent where the average home has a decent place to live in, no matter how little, is guaranteed two square meals, is guaranteed education for their young mind and recreation for their impressionable soul, where the elderly is not just respected for their age but for their continuous contribution to the community.